Shenton Way is the perfect place for those looking for the best dining experience on weekends. To this day, Shenton Way upholds its reputation as a forward-thinking city of modern architecture and attitudes. With this in mind, you can expect its food to be modern, delicious, and exciting simultaneously. Check out our list of great venues to choose from for an excellent epicurean experience.

1. The Naughty Chef

The Naughty Chef has two branches. It fancies its Bedok Branch as a “Hip Hawker Dining” experience and its One Shenton branch as its “Italian cafe, bar, and events space experience.” True enough, you’ll find the best pizza, pasta, and meat menus in The Naughty Chef inside One Shenton. 

Go for their traditional Margherita pizza or their modern, tasteful take of Angus beef with their braised Angus beef cheeks. Squid-ink pasta, truffle pennes, and handmade Bolognese spaghetti are also available in The Naughty Chef’s One Shenton branch for pasta lovers!

Address: 1 Shenton Way, #01-07, Singapore 068803 (Inside One Shenton)

Hours: 11AM–9:30PM weekdays, closed on weekends.

2. VENUE By Sebastian

You can tell that a restaurant has passion if they split their menus in two ways: dine-in and brunch weekend menus. VENUE By Sebastian is a predominantly Western culinary experience. However, it doesn’t fail where it excels at, such as its delicious Iberico fan steak, duck confit, and stockyard black Angus from its dine-in menu. 

Alternatively, its weekend brunch menu gives you toasts, pita bread, and grains, including duck rillette, burrata, and veggies. 

Address: Downtown Gallery, #01-02, 6A Shenton Way, Singapore 068815 (Inside OUE Downtown 2)

Hours: 11:15AM–2PM, 6:30–10PM daily except Sundays

3. Hello Food

Traditional Singaporean food will never grow old, especially for Singaporeans. Many ravers of Hello Food in AltoVencap talk about their freshly-made and delicious fish soup, complete with fish roe and fins. Their huge servings of soup and selection of breads and breakfast choices make them a favorite among many workers in Singapore looking to start their day right.

Address: 3 Shenton Way, #01-02, #01-03, Singapore 068809 (At 1st floor of AltoVencap)

Hours: 10AM – 8PM daily

4. Kebabs Faktory

Kebabs aren’t an exclusive Turkish and Egyptian cuisine. It has various versions worldwide (barbecues being one of them). At Kebabs Faktory, you can get the best Greek Gyros, Mediterranean Mezze, Middle Eastern Shawarmas, and others. Kebabs Faktory makes them with such amazing flavor and dedication that they’re some of the most delicious beef meals you’ve ever eaten at an affordable price.

Address: 1 Shenton Way, #01-06, Singapore 068803

Hours: 11AM–10PM, closed on Saturdays

5. Takayama

You know it will be an amazing feast upon getting different menus for lunch and dinner. Takayama prides itself as the “kitchen of the world,” which it upholds by bringing Osaka’s seasonal food culture into Singapore and the world. 

From their lunch menu, you can get Foie Gras, scallops, beef with red onion and cabbage, and young onion with uni and seaweed for spring. 

For this season, their dinner menu features wagyu beef with young onion and red onion, donabe rice, a seasonal fish in Japan named Otsukuri, and more. Check out their complete menu, and you can guarantee an amazing dining experience per order.

Address: 6A Shenton Way, #01-09/10 OUE Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815

Hours: Monday: 7–10:30pm; Tuesday to Saturday: 12–2:30pm, 7–10:30pm; closed on Saturdays


Dining in Shenton Way is always a modern and rewarding experience. You can’t go wrong trying any one of these venues for a gastronomic weekend getaway. Give them a high rating if you ever give one or all of them a shot!

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