Nasi Lemak is a dish of rice with a variety of spicy condiments and coconut milk. It is traditionally served with anything from fried fish, omelette, beef rendang, fried chicken wings, and cucumbers. This dish holds a special place in any Singaporean and Malaysian heart as well as salted egg yolk zi char. 

If you’re looking for the best Malaysian-inspired dishes and everything else delicious, head to Punggol on a weekend and keep this guide handy!

1. Selera Sumang

Selera Sumang is an amazing Muslim-owned Halal restaurant that offers the best Nasi Lemak you can find in Punggol. Here, you’ll find the best Nasi Sambal Goreng served in big portions for less than S $8. If you’re looking for something bigger, go for their Nasi Ambeng and Nasi Ambeng and Nasi Rawon platters that won’t go beyond S $28. At that price, it’s a great steal for delicious Nasi Lemak that is completely Halal and tasty.

Address: 308C Punggol Walk, #01-308, Singapore 823308 (inside Foodgle)

Hours: 7AM–12PM daily, closed on Tuesdays

2. Yes! Nasi Kukus

For less than S $6, you can get an excellent fried Nasi Kukus meal served in exceptional portions. Yes! Nasi Kukus will surely make you shout “yes” because it’s filling and affordable. Plus, their delicious signature fried chicken, curry chicken, and selection of sambal seafood are so affordable and filling, you’ll want seconds. Fortunately, steamed rice is affordable at S $0.50 and additional Nasi Dagang is just at S $1, so you can eat here so much to your heart’s content. 

Address: 273C Punggol Pl, Singapore 823273 (inside Foodfare at Punggol Place)

Hours: 10AM–9PM daily

3. Leong Ji Seafood

Located in Punggol East, Leong Ji Seafood offers an unforgettable zi char experience that guarantees exceptional flavor and fulfilment. Before going for their main meals, go for their excellent soup starters, such as their shark’s fin melon soup and old cucumber soup. Then, if you’re feeling fishy (this is a seafood zi char, after all), dig into their Hong Kong-style steam fish or Nyonya steam fish. Alternatively, their steam fish head with spicy bean sauce and curry fish head are equally amazing dining experiences you wouldn’t expect from a humble zi char like this one. Check out their amazing crab menu for more, too.

PS: Ask if their salted egg yolk sauce is available to get that tangy, tasty experience.

Address: Blk 658 Punggol E, #01-10, Singapore 820658

Hours: 11AM–2:30PM, 4:30–11PM daily

4. Dai Lou

This gem inside the Marina Country Club always offers an excellent Malaysian-Singaporean dining experience. While it’s not the most affordable restaurant on this list, you can get the biggest portions of prawn paste chicken, seafood hor fun, and curry fish head in Dai Lou. Additionally, you can order their delicious tom yum, fish maw, and seaweed soup as a side or starters before finalizing your main course. With their expansive menu, which includes special omelettes, bean curds, and sotongs, it’s always a different experience eating at Dai Lou.

Address: #01-0R, Marina Country Club, 11 Northshore Dr, Singapore 828670 

Hours: 12PM – 2AM daily

5. Sun Bistro

Of course, not everything in Punggol is traditional Malaysian and Singaporean food. If you’re in Punggol and want something different, you can go to Sun Bistro for a Western dining experience. Their delicious and tender meat menu receives great praise from diners, especially their soft braised lamb shank, black Angus ribeye steak, and pork chops. However, you can always go for their appetizers, such as Meatball Pomodoro Au Gratin, cheesy garlic baked mussel, and garlic bread. Indeed, Sun Bistro is a bit pricey, but their great sharing platters offer a great group dining experience.

Address: 500 New Punggol Rd, #02-03 The Punggol Settlement, Singapore 828617

Hours: 3–10:30PM weekdays, 12–10:30PM weekends


Punggol is one of Singapore’s best hubs for the most amazing Nasi Lemak, salted egg yolk sauce, and overall Malay-Singaporean dining experience. If you want an amazing experience focused on amazing traditional or Western dishes, head right here on a weekend – you’ll have a guaranteed good time!Emergencies can happen at any time, making extra cash savings an important part of everyday life. With this in mind, Fortune Credit can provide you with the best personal loans that give you up to six months of your salary upon submitting all their requirements. Fill out our form today to get started working with the best moneylender near Punggol.