Potong Pasir began as a vegetable-growing district in Singapore. Today, it has become an urban housing district with many great sights and sounds. If you’re looking for excellent eats in Potong Pasir that won’t break the bank, these five restaurants will give you more bang for your buck.

1. Andy’s Grill Express (S $9 – S $20)

Food fresh from the grill is always a great way to spend your dining weekends. If you ever head down to Potong Pasir, you can get the best pork sausage combos, rib eye steaks, and more in Andy’s Grill Express. This small restaurant offers so much proportion of meat, sides, and other fulfilling add ons for as low as S $9. If you need a quick bite, you can’t go wrong heading here at Andy’s Grill Express.

Address: 120 Potong Pasir Ave 3, #01-806, Singapore 350120

Hours: 11AM–9PM Daily

2. Kaye Peri Peri Grille Pasta (S $8 – S $45)

Grilled food is always an amazing experience, but you’ve surely never tasted the unique flavor of pasta served fresh from the oven with a grilled-sizzling steak, roast chicken part, or seafood. In addition, Kaye Peri Peri Grille Pasta specializes in Mexican-Western fusion. Get your fill of Mexicano spicy chicken, such as their Mexicano Devil’s Fiery chicken or dory steak. Of course, you can’t just go off without trying their seafood, chipolata, chicken & mushroom, bacon carbonara spaghetti, and more.

Address: 146 Potong Pasir Ave 2, Singapore 358362

Hours: 11AM–9:30PM Friday – Wednesday, 10AM-10PM Thursday

3. The Baba Curry Puff Cafe (S $5 – S $10)

Combining curry and puffs may not feel like a natural combination, but it’s a big Malaysian snack dish that everyone of all ages loves. Now in Singapore’s Potong Pasir, The Baba Curry Puff Cafe brings the taste of authentic curry puffs filled with the best spicy and creamy sauce plus beef, chicken, pork, or sardines. The pastry’s sturdy form maintains itself even if the curry drips off after the first bite.

Address: 137 Potong Pasir Ave 3, Singapore 350137

Hours: 7:30AM–2PM Daily

4. Seletar Seafood Centre (S $10 – S $60)

Traditional Chinese food will always be a staple in Singapore, which is why many Singaporeans can’t get enough of Seletar Seafood Centre’s excellent menu of white bee hoon sprinkled with prawn and crab bits. You can find the best sambal sotong and stingray for less than S $12 in generous proportions and excellent laksa and fish head curry. You can’t go wrong bringing your friends and family eating here.

Address: 146 Potong Pasir Ave 1, #01-135, Singapore 350146

Hours: 11AM–10PM Wednesday – Monday, closed on Tuesdays

5. Ah Seng Braised Duck Rice (S $3 – S $15)

Braised duck rice is always a timeless flavor, and you can find the best ones in Ah Seng Braised Duck Rice. You can also add pig’s tongue, pig’s ear, and pig’s stomach soup to enhance the braised duck rice experience. Alternatively, you can try their amazing braised pork belly, braised egg, tau kua, and tau pok. Get the best homemade-style braised duck rice here at Ah Seng Braised Duck.

Address: 120 Potong Pasir Ave 1, Block 120, Singapore 350120

Hours: Wednesday, 10AM–5PM Friday – Wednesday, 11AM-3:30PM Thursdays


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