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How Personal Loans Can Help You

Custom-Made Financial Solutions For Your Lifestyle

When you are ready to have control of your funds, our low interest personal loan will offer you predictable repayments. Given that you wish to consolidate your high interest debts, fund a vacation with your family or manage an emergency that causes significant financial shortage and emotional stress, we certainly will help.

Equally high salaried individuals face similar uncertainty, for this reason Fortune Credit’s personal loans were designed for those who urgently need money for various purposes. This also includes any reasons beside the limited purposes set by others.

As a licensed and trusted moneylender, Fortunate Credit has a dedicated team, which is fully prepared to take you through the lending options; your financial interest is important to us.

Best Personal Loan In Singapore - Fortune Credit

Advantages of forgoing banks when seeking payday loans

Avoid the plentiful paperwork that delays loan approval and can take days and even weeks before it is disbursed. Avoid waiting period and queues by getting a personal loan via our easy-to-use online portal. It is our aim to reduce the waiting period by offering a simple yet hassle-free solution for obtaining a loan package.

We understand that life can sometimes present you some challenges, which put you in a situation where you have a financial shortage. Personal loans will offer you a passing financial security before you can reevaluate your assets.

Do not simply opt to cut back for you to cope with your situation. You do not need to suffer in order to keep the lifestyle you are used to. We are here to help.

We can help you obtain financial security

To find out more, visit Fortune Credit office at Bugis Cube. We are a licensed lender and our team is fully prepared to take you through our lending options, over the phone or on-site – call us now for a solution.

Fortune Credit, offers a personal loan, which is designed to help you meet your needs. We realize that each borrower is unique and with unique needs. That is why it is advisable that you talk to us and explain your condition. Then allow us to make recommendations for a personal loan that aligns is helpful for your lifestyle.

Contact us on +65 6777 1887 and we gladly will answer your questions or provide additional info as required.

Low Interest Personal Loan – Requirements

Qualifications And Documents Required

  • Applicants should be 18-years and above
  • Be Citizens or a Permanent Resident
  • Have a steady employment

Commission-based and Salaried Employees

  • Singpass Login
  • ID Card (NRIC)
  • Billing Proof ( latest bill showing your residential address)
  • Most recent original 3 month payslips (Applicable when you do have CPF contributions)
  • Valid Employment Letter (Applicable for those in new employment)

Self Employed

  • Singpass Login
  • ID Card (NRIC)
  • Notice of assessment showing trade income
  • Billing Proof ( the most recent bill showing your residential address)
  • Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA )


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