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Payday Loans Can Make Any Day Your Pay Day

During a few times in a year you may have to deal with the unexpected bill, or wish to go for nice vacation. It also can happen that you need a chance to treat yourself during great sale offers or even over the festive season.

It also can be that at times there is high cash consumption. Such times are when you may run low on the personal every day cash flow. Thus you may need a low interest payday loan to help you cope for the short period.

At Fortune Credit, we will offer you the helpful fast cash payday loan service that will help you bridge the gap while you await your next paycheck to arrive.

Quick Response And Approval

Being one of the best-licensed moneylenders in Singapore, Fortune Credit has come up with financial solutions that have our customer’s best interest at heart. Thus we offer solutions, which will cater for your short-term financial needs. You do not have to wait for your next pay to comes in. Our low-interest payday loan comes with greater flexibility. This will help make your cash flow better as soon as the need for funds arises.

You can send in an application for the Fortune Credit payday loan via our easy-to-use site. Rest assured that your online application would get processed as soon as possible. We offer our clients’ payday loans repayment plans, which are in alignment with your paycheck. This is regardless of whether it is done monthly, bi-weekly or even daily…

Your Trust Is Valued

Fortune Credit is best known to borrowers for being reliable and efficient. We are recognized for being the best-reviewed lending company based on the licensed moneylender list in Singapore. In order to access a loan with us, you simply need to submit a personal loan online request any day and at any time. You can wait for it to get processed quickly by our team of professional loan officers. Feel free to visit our office at Bugis Cube. Alternatively, you can call us for more information on the different loan options available that will best fit your preference.

Payday Loan Requirements

Qualification And Documents Required
  • Applicant should be 21-years and above
  • Have a steady employment
For Commission-based and Salaried Employees
  • ID Card (NRIC)
  • Singpass Login (To download CPF & IRAS Income documents)
  • Have billing Proof ( The most recent bill showing your residential address)
  • Original most recent 3 month payslips
  • Employment Contract (This is only applies for those in new employment)

Self Employed

  • Singpass Login
  • ID Card (NRIC)
  • Assessment Notice (NOA) which shows your trade income
  • ACRA Business Profile
  • Billing proof (Here you can use the most recent bill showing your residential address)


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