License No: 42/2018

Fortune Credit

Licensed Money Lender in Bugis


Applying a loan is easy, just fill up our online application form and we will call you to arrange for an appointment to process the loan.


Immediate approval of loan, and loan process will take only less than an hour!

Fortune Credit Pte Ltd Licence No. 42/2018

The No.1 Licensed Money Lender in Singapore with one of the Lowest Interest Rates and Friendly Staff

Fortune Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed and reputable moneylender of Licence No. 42/2018 and operates in Singapore. We provide financing solutions, which are custom-made to meet the client’s financial needs. Fortune Credit provides convenient and fast cash solutions to individuals who meet the set requirements.

Since Fortune Credit is a Licensed Lender, the Law Ministry in Singapore regulates our operations. In addition, we make sure that we follow the Rules and Moneylenders Act when it comes to the repayment plans and interest rates we offer.

Be assured that Fortune Credit Pte Ltd will provide you with a transparent service, which is fair and convenient. Our team offers excellent customer service and will readily provide an answer to your questions.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why Fortune Credit is the right choice for those who are looking to take out quick cash:

Fast Loan Processing

Conventional money lending institutions normally have long application processes with many steps for approval. This means that it will take several weeks before your loan is approved. On the other hand, Fortune Credit will offer you a loan application process, which is easy and fast. But only once you present the needed documents punctually. Our focus is to make sure that you get the funds you need as soon as possible.

Easy Qualification Requirements

We complete an evaluation of your capability to repay the loan depending on your present-day earnings. Meaning the assessment is not based on your credit history. It then means that for you to get an approved for your loan, you simply need to prove that you hold a steady employment. You then have to show that you have a steady income coming in. Using this, we can create a repayment plan that will best suit you.

Debt Consolidation

When you have a debt profile, which is not favorable, Fortune Credit Ltd can assist you in improving it. This we do by consolidating your existing debts into one payment. By having a single loan from Fortune Credit, your reliable moneylender, you will be able to repay your debts. Through making a single repayment each month you will be able to grow your credit score greatly.

Maintain Your Relationships

When you are constantly borrowing money either from family, colleagues, and friends. Be assured that you soon will have strained relationships. Consider maintaining those relationships and come to us for all your financial needs. Fortune Credit will keep all your details and personal information confidential. This way you can maintain your relationships fun and easy.

Our Loan Services

We offer customized loans packages and flexible monthly repayment installments that will work into your budget.

Fortune Credit – Money Lender Singapore is one of the highest rated in customer reviews.

Simply click here to apply a loan online and you won’t be disappointed.

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