Fortune Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 46/2024) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Thomson

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Thomson

It is almost impossible to talk about Thomson without talking about its fantastic food scene and its nature-oriented neighbourhood. While there are classic favourites like the Kampong Chicken Rice at Upper Thomson Road, you’ll discover that the food selection leans towards mid-upper tastes. Get your artisanal brew from Pacamara Boutique, and a delectable bite of Lemon Meringue Pie from Windowsill. Or head on to Five by Five for a delicate Salmon Florentine for brunch. 

Thomson is also home to excellent learning institutions which makes it ideal for families with growing children. Partake in a bird-watching or biking activity near MacRitchie Trails, or satisfy your taste for an adventure at the TreeTop walk. 

Boasting an idyllic landscape and refined neighbourhood amenities, Thomson is an exciting location to explore and live in but may tend to be on a pricier side. And if you find yourself in need of a fast cash loan, for any situation, Fortune Credit is always ready to help you. 

How To Determine If Your Money Lender Is Licensed?

All legally authorized and licensed money lenders are bound by the rules and business regulations and etiquette set by the Ministry of Law. To help you spot if you are dealing with illegal lenders, here are some of the red flags to watch out for. 

  • Use abusive language, or behave in a threatening manner towards you.
  • Ask for your SingPass user ID and/or password.
  • Retain your NRIC card or any other personal ID documents (e.g. driver’s licence, passport, work permit, employment pass, or ATM card).
  • Ask you to sign on a blank or incomplete Note of the Contract for the loan.
  • Grant you a loan without giving you a copy of the Note of contract for the loan and/or without properly explaining to you all the terms and conditions.
  • Grant you a loan without exercising due diligence (e.g. approving a loan over the phone, SMS, or email before even receiving your loan application form and supporting documents, such as the income tax assessment and payslips).
  • Withhold any part of your principal loan amount for any reason.

Ultimately, your lender must be fully registered at the Ministry of Law. Verify if your preferred lender is legal by clicking here. We encourage you to report such inappropriate acts at 1800-2255-529. 

What to Consider Before Taking Out a Loan?

Aside from verifying the legality of your preferred lender, smart borrowers must also strategize on how to carry out a loan obligation:  

  • Finalize the actual loan amount that you need. Only take out the amount that you need and determine what it is for so you could come up with a loan plan that will help you save on interest with loan tenure that works for you. 
  • Loans are commitments. Keep in mind that you must repay the borrowed amount including the interest, and must be settled on time to avoid penalties.
  • Consider the fees and charges that are included in your loan. While licensed moneylenders can only charge what is in accordance with the Ministry of Law, take into account the fees you need to include on top of the interest.
  • Review the loan contract carefully before signing on it. The loan officer must discuss with you the details of your loan contract and make sure that you fully understand the terms, and secure a copy for your reference. 

How Can Fortune Credit Help You?

Beyond just the easy application process and the fast cash disbursement, Fortune Credit assures all its clients that loan plans are personalised appropriately to ensure a comfortable and dependable borrowing journey. Considering clients’ capability to repay, we make sure that we have the right financial solution with the lightest interest rate possible. Our wide loan plans will cater to every financing needs regardless of the credit history. Clients will be glad to know that we are one of the top-rated lenders in Singapore.

At this point, you must be ready and confident to take your first step in taking out a loan. And if you’re still uncertain about your loan plan, our friendly loan officers will be happy to help you. Fortune Credit is your legal money lender of choice. Let’s discuss your customised loan plan today. Visit the best Money Lender Thomson today!

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