Fortune Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 46/2024) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Marine Parade

Marine Parade

Located in the southeastern tip of the coast of Pulau Ujong, Marine Parade is a planning and residential estate in the Central Region of Singapore. It was once associated with the precinct of Katong and the wealthy Peranakan Community. Due to recent developments in Marine Parade, mainly its modernization to provide housing flats, natives would seek financial assistance to lessen the burden.

Types of Loans offered by Fortune Credit

There are several types of loans available for different scenarios. Whether it is for starting up your business, buying a car, paying for bills, or you’re a foreigner looking for extra cash in a foreign land. With every scenario, there is a suitable loan for you with Fortune Credit.

This type of loan can be utilized for almost anything. Its multi-purpose function would be appealing to consumers who would want to use the money for various purposes. Whether it would be used for debt consolidation, medical bills, appliances, or even a vacation, a personal loan can help you gain the extra money for the expenses.

Business loan pertains to capital given by lenders used for business. These would then be paid with interest at a specific period depending on the agreement. Short term loans would have more leeway for qualification, but the amount lent would be small and less time to pay back. The traditional term loans would be more strict but lend higher amounts and have more time to payback.

For this type, it is a short-term loan, which would be a fraction of your monthly salary. The amount paid would include an interest rate and is usually delivered in a single payment. You have to make your payment when your next payday arrives.

  • Monthly Loan

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When you have a tight budget, this type of loan could help you relieve some financial burden. You just need to have a monthly income and provide a fixed monthly repayment amount. Also, money lent can be utilized for various means. There are no restrictions. However, there is a fixed monthly interest charge for each repayment.

Like a personal loan, the foreigner loan is an amount lent to foreigners working in Singapore. It can be utilized in different ways in which there are no restrictions. However, banks would typically refuse foreigners; that’s why a licensed money lender may be a good alternative, like Fortune Credit.

How Our Company Can Help You?

Our company, Fortune Credit, offers trusted and reliable services. We strive to provide each customer with satisfaction and the best benefits possible. With flexible payment terms, repayments would not be a problem. Secure a loan with us, and your financial needs will disappear.


Knowing whether your lending company is licensed and trusted is critical to avoid scams. That’s why you should choose Licensed Money Lender Marine Parade to help out with your financial needs as we’re regulated and licensed. With Fortune Credit, we can guarantee you a safe and secure transaction. To find out more, click on the link or contact us at +65 6777 1887.

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