Fortune Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 46/2024) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan MacPherson

MacPherson Singapore

MacPherson is a community located at Geylang, the central region of Singapore. Its setting approximately correlates with the designated subzone of Macpherson in the Geylang Planning Area. This location is roughly within the communities of Aljunied and Paya Lebar. Mainly, MacPherson comprises small public housing estates centralized on an industrial area and the Circuit Road.

Types of Loans Moneylenders Offer in MacPherson

There are several reasons why you decide to borrow money and use it for several purposes. You can invest in a new business, prepare for your child’s education, and others. Since there are various types of loans that you can obtain from Fortune Credit, a licensed money lender in MacPherson, you can check some of them below and know how they function.

  • Personal Loan

You can utilize a personal loan for your expenses to which it doesn’t quite have a specified purpose. This type of loan is an appealing alternative for unsettled debts who desire to decrease their interest rates by passing on balances. A personal loan’s terms and conditions regulate your credit history, similar to other existing loans.

  • Business Loan

The business capital provided to you by a lender is called a business loan. These money lenders mandate the principal’s reimbursement with interest and added fees in exchange for the amount they lent you. Typically, a business loan needs payments regularly with a set schedule or date. However, reimbursement terms and interest rates change relatively if you are late for payment.

  • Payday Loan

Cash Note
Payday loans are on the classification of borrowing money within a short period wherein lenders have a fixed interest rate according to the regulations set by the Ministry of Law. The principal of this type of loan is usually a fraction of your upcoming paycheck.

  • Monthly Loan

This type of loan in Singapore has a fixed interest rate charged for payments every month. If you need to pay for your home developments, car loans, or vacations, you can opt for it. When you are on a tight budget, a monthly loan can provide you some stability.

  • Foreigner Loan

For foreigners that are working in Singapore, lenders offer you a type of loan. Foreigner loan obtainable in Singapore is similar to a personal cash loan that can assist you regarding your financial necessities. Usually, banks tend to decline foreigners who want to borrow money, depending on the income and employment pass. It is helpful if you consider a licensed money lending company as an option.

How Can Our Company Help You? Why us?

We are your trusted licensed lending company in Singapore that provides loans and financial advice that fits your needs. Fortune Credit prides itself on establishing honesty, integrity, excellence, and customer satisfaction. Our team consists of reliable professionals who render loan solutions to ensure you get the best customer experience.


When searching for the best loans, look for Fortune Credit, a credible and licensed money lender at MacPherson, to offer you a fast and secure transaction. To find out more about our money lending options, call us at +65 6777 1887. You can also visit the best Macpherson Licensed Money Lender

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