Fortune Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 46/2024) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Eunos

Licensed Moneylender Personal Loan Eunos

The unhurried and carefree charm of Eunos makes it a perfect setting for quaint cafes and restaurants albeit the domestic bustle. Despite being small and quieter, it is well-served by public buses and the Eunos MRT so residents can easily get access in and out of East Geylang. 

Eunos isn’t short of amenities and Eunos Crescent Market is the star of the show. The Char Kuay Teow at Hoon Hong as well as the Mutton Biryani at Mami Midah are some of the local favourites that are satisfying and very cheap. Dominated by residential buildings and terraced homes, Eunos remains to be an affordable area for families who are looking for true community living. 

If you have found your next address in Eunos but need additional funding to relocate soon, Fortune Credit can help you settle in your new home with a simple solution. 

What is a Bridging Loan?

When families grow, and the need for a more comfortable space becomes necessary, homeowners look for a home upgrade, but it doesn’t come cheap. 

That’s when bridging loans can be very helpful. With its straightforward name, bridging loans can help you fund the down payment or the purchase price of your new home while waiting for the sales of your current property. 

With the loanable amount up to six times your monthly income and the modest interest rate of 1% – 4%, you can confidently move to your new home immediately.

Advantages of Taking a Bridging Loan with a Moneylender

While banks would typically offer bridging loans too, you’ll find that taking it from a licensed moneylender like Fortune Credit is way much easier and simpler. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy.

  • Easy application with fast loan approval. There is a very small window between the sale of your desired larger flat, and losing the opportunity to purchase is possible. At Fortune Credit, your time is important and we like to keep our application simpler and promise a faster loan approval with usually same-day cash disbursement. Worry not about your credit history.
  • Unsecured Loans. We will not require you to place any collateral which makes your loan plan even more comfortable.
  • Low interest with flexible repayment terms. We promise to make your loan repayment plan manageable. Our friendly loan officers will loop you through the loan term planning so you can repay comfortably according to your capability. 
  • Safe, reliable, and accessible financial solutions. Responsible licensed moneylenders like Fortune Credit are legally authorized by the Ministry of Law and are bound by the lawful regulations to protect your interests every time you borrow.

How To Apply For a Bridging Loan?


Borrowers of at least 21 years of age and earn a minimum monthly income of $2,000 (locals and SPR) or $3,000 (Foreigners) are eligible to apply.


Aside from securing your Option to Purchase (OTP), prepare these easy-to-acquire documents for a faster loan process.

  • NRIC
  • Proof of income and employment
  • Proof of residence
  • SingPass to log in to CPF, IRAS, and HDB websites
  • Copy of the OTP

Step 1. Using our online facility, fill out our simple form and immediately receive your confirmed in-person appointment to discuss your loan plan.

Step 2. At our office, you will be involved in customising the loan plan that works best for your business. Our loan officers will discuss every detail of the agreed terms and will ask you to review your contract before signing. 

Step 3. Once the agreement has been signed, you will receive your cash shortly and you can start taking care of your home relocation. 

How Can Fortune Credit Help You?

Beyond just the easy application process and the fast cash disbursement, Fortune Credit assures all its clients that loan plans are personalised appropriately to ensure a comfortable and dependable borrowing journey. Considering clients’ capability to repay, we make sure that we have the right financial solution with the lightest interest rate possible. 

Our wide loan plans will cater to every financing needs regardless of the credit history. Clients will be glad to know that we are one of the top-rated lenders in Singapore.   


A comfortable home doesn’t just serve as a space for living, but it is also a safe space to bring families closer. Fortune Credit is a reliable legal moneylender near Eunos. We value togetherness, and we’re ready to help you achieve your ideal home. If you’re looking to get a bridging loan, you can visit the best Money Lender Eunos today! Request for a free quote anytime! 

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