Fortune Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 46/2024) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Ang Mo Kio

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan in Ang Mo Kio

Ang Mo Kio in Hokkien literally means the “red-haired man’s bridge”. It references the bridge over the Kallang River within the area. However, others believe that the district earned its name “Kow Tiao Kio” or “9 bridges” because there were a total of nine bridges connecting the rural areas in the past.

Rich in history, Ang Mo Kio is now home to an estimated 143,800 HDB residents. That said, it’s a booming neighbourhood that locals and foreigners will surely like.

If you’re in Ang Mo Kio and find yourself in a financial emergency, you can seek the loan services of a licensed money lender.

How To Choose A Good Money Lender Near Me?

  • The Money Lender Must Be Licensed: Before you get in touch with any money lender, verify their credibility first. Make sure they are registered on the Registry of Moneylenders. You can find the complete list of licensed moneylenders here.
  • Have Reasonable Interest Rates: According to the Moneylenders Act, licensed money lenders in Singapore can only charge up to 4% interest rate. This cap applies regardless of your income or whether the loan is secured or unsecured.
  • Must Clearly Explain The Terms of Loan: Legal lenders are required by law to provide a clear, thorough explanation of the terms and conditions of the loan. They must do so in the language the borrower understands. So don’t be afraid to ask questions if certain details are vague.
  • Be Cautious If A Money Lender Sends A Text or Email: Legal money lenders are not allowed to advertise through phone calls, text messages, social media, or flyers.

How To Apply For A Loan?

Step 1: Determine The Amount

Before taking out a loan, make sure you have an idea of how much you need and borrow only that amount. Remember, failing to make repayments can lead to high-interest rates and late fees.

Step 2: Check The Requirements

Here are the common eligibility criteria set by licensed money lenders:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Minimum Salary Requirement:
    • Singaporean or Permanent Resident: S$2,000
    • Foreigner: S$3,000

Step 3: Submit Application

The next step is to fill up the application form and submit all the necessary requirements. Here are the basic documents required by money lenders:

  • Identification documents such as a copy of your NRIC, Passport, S-Pass, or E-Pass
  • Proof of residence (utility bill, a letter addressed to you, and or tenancy agreement)
  • Proof of employment (employment letter if your job is less than 3 months)
  • Recent 3 months payslip
  • SingPass (to log into CPF, HDB, IRAS website)

Step 4: Read The Terms and Conditions

Before signing the loan contract, make sure that all the necessary details are listed. Double-check the terms and conditions of the loan, especially the interest rate, loan tenure, fees, and repayment schedule.

How Can Fortune Credit Helps You?

Fortune Credit is among the top 10 money lenders in Singapore. Operating under the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Law, they offer low-interest rates without any hidden charges.

They pride themselves on transparency and are dedicated to helping their clients find the best loan packages to suit their needs. Fortune Credit makes your loan application swift and easy.


Need immediate cash? Fortune Credit is one of the top licensed moneylenders that offer a personal loan in Singapore. Let us be your go-to Legal Moneylender Ang Mo Kio that will provide you with the loans that you need!

With over a decade of experience, Fortune Credit offers custom-tailored loan packages to suit your financial needs. 

Contact us at 6777 1887 or for a fast and hassle-free loan application!

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