Like many other cultural influences, be it art, music, especially food, diversity brings in excitement and conversations where despite the differences, we discover that we are bound by a common ground. And one fine example is our newfound love for Korean cuisine.

The fascinating collage of fiery red dishes of meat, seafood, noodles, and the infamous kimchi has become very relatable and familiar but, only a few in Singapore could pull a distinctively authentic taste.

Two of them are hidden in the quiet neighborhood of Marsiling.

  1. Korean Cuisine @ Marsiling

The influx of the Korean craze has gotten almost every area in Singapore to have a favorite go-to place when a craving for Korean food hits. And this humble stall at 136 Marsiling Road is harboring the attention of foodies on social media and online food reviews.

Run by an authentic Korean Chef who moved to Singapore with his family in 2009, they prepare all their marinades, pickles, and sauces right in their own kitchen.

Since the circuit-breaker, the family has been very much involved in running the business to stay afloat. Thanks to social media’s power and the locals’ support, Korean Cuisine @ Marsiling is still serving lovingly prepared meals.

To maintain safety protocols, they opted for dabao only service until the situation relaxes. One Burpple reviewer mentioned that it would take 30-minutes just to get served on weekend lunch due to its increasing popularity.

The best-selling items on the menu include Budaejjigae ($5.50), Kimchi Fried Rice ($4.00), beef, pork, or chicken bulgogi ($5-$6), Seafood Ramen ($4.80), Tteokbokki ($4.50), and their crowd-pleaser BBQ Saba Fish ($5.50). Customers could also stock-up on their homemade Kimchi, which is available in large ($10) and medium ($5) tubs.

They are open daily from 10:00 am – 7:30 pm, and they recommend sending them a message in advance at 9689-4007 for large orders.

9 PM Kkochi

  1. 9 PM Kkochi

Six minutes down Marsiling Road is the next stop at 1 Woodland Square at Causeway Point. Bringing-in the Korean street-food vibe, 9 PM Kkochi offers simple yet varied selections of easy and quick but delicious snacks.

The culture of pojangmacha, or late-night/post-work drinks, is reminiscent of those you will find in the bustling Myeongdong. Fragrantly smoky stalls serving Kkochi – skewered pieces of fresh, marinated meats and vegetables, coated in sweet and spicy sauce, then grilled and flame torched

We recommend the Zigzag Kkochi, available in Pork (1.60) and Beef (1.90) options. Another signature item is the Jumbo Chicken Meatballs which you can choose from cheese-stuffed ($2.90) or our personal favorite kimchi-stuffed (2.50). And to fulfill your k-drama fantasies, the Tteokbokki-in-a-cup will make you cry “Oppa!” for only $3.90.

Catch them daily from 11:00 am – 9:30 pm.


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