Do you love to travel? Are you tired of working and would like to take some vacation and have some peace of mind from tons of paperwork? Then this might be a great chance to plan your next trip! Here’s a schedule of the official holidays in Singapore for 2022.

Official Public Holidays in Singapore for 2022:

New Year’s Day1 January 2022Saturday
Chinese New Year1 – 2 February 2022Tuesday – Wednesday
Good Friday15 April 2022Friday
Labour Day1 May 2022Sunday
Hari Raya Puasa3 May 2022Tuesday
Vesak Day15 May 2022Sunday
Hari Raya Haji10 July 2022Sunday
National Day9 August 2022Tuesday
Deepavali24 November 2022Monday
Christmas Day25 December 2022Sunday

You can maximize your leave by filing a vacation leave before the day of the said holiday and file another vacation leave on the day after the public holiday.

singapore fireworks : Singapore public holiday

How can an employee be entitled in Public Holidays?

  • You will only be entitled to a Public Holiday and get paid with your gross rate, if you file a vacation leave or sick leave before the holiday.
  • If you will work on holidays or your employer asks you to work on holidays then your employer should pay you an extra pay depending on your daily rate.
  • The employee and the employer can have an agreement if the employee is compromised to work on a public holiday and choose a rest day in substitute of going to work on holidays. 

Public Holidays 2022: benefits of having a short vacation as an employee in Singapore

Working can be exhausting and maybe some of us need to have some relaxing vacation and break from the busy cities in Singapore. However, some of us don’t have enough money to travel. That’s why many people are considering loan as an option for them to travel. It’s not that bad after all, because you need some refreshments from your stressful work. When you take a vacation leave and take advantage of the public holidays that have long weekends, you’ll have all the energy and motivation again when you get back to work after a long holiday vacation. Your employer will also see that you’re more productive after having some time to relax yourself. All you have to do is make some plans ahead before the public holidays and book a hotel for accommodation. Set a budget for your finances, your pocket money, your travel expenses such as hotel accommodations, tour, airplane tickets, etc.

singaporean at the park during singapore public holidays

What you need to know before you spend your vacation for Singapore Public Holidays in 2022

Before you become an impulsive buyer of everything you’ll need or whatever is on your check list for your next trip, might as well consider some of these tips or guidelines on what you should do before you take a holiday vacation.

  1. Know the list of 2022 Public Holidays and target the holidays that have long weekends such as Good Friday. For those public holidays that fall on Friday and weekends can also be a good chance to file a vacation leave on Thursday or Monday.
  2. Manage and budget your finances. If you still have enough time to plan ahead then you can still save up some money for your planned trip.
  3. Search for hotel accommodations that have lower prices. You can also book earlier to get discounts. It is better to have an early reservation because you wouldn’t know the availability of hotel rooms in public holidays.
  4. Target a seat sale for plane tickets and you may also consider booking a flight ahead of the time of your holiday vacation.
  5. If you’re an employee, make sure that you’ve finished all your workload before you leave your work and also to make sure that your boss will approve your vacation leave.
  6. If you have a credit card, make sure that you don’t have too much debt to pay before your trip. You don’t want to struggle paying debts after your relaxing holiday vacation.

Quick Cash Loan for 2022 Public Holiday Trip in Singapore

Plan ahead and manage your income and expenses. Make sure that you have the ability to repay the loan and it won’t cause you financial issues. You can try applying for quick cash loans with trusted online lenders. Just beware of the online lenders that are unauthorized and take advantage of you knowing that you badly need cash for urgent matters. That is why it is better to have plans instead rather than nothing.

Where to get quick cash loans and how?

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Public Holidays in 2022 has 1 long weekend. You can maximize your vacation leave if you will organize everything you need to make your holiday vacation successful yet budget-friendly. Make sure you don’t miss out on this chance to escape from your stressful work environment, pressure from your bosses, the never-ending deadlines, and tons of paperwork. So make a well-spent public holiday vacation this 2022.