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How Foreigner Loan Will Help You

Even if you’re a foreigner working Singapore, you can still apply for a quick fast cash personal loan to overcome your unexpected shortfall of finance.

Especially when a person is working in another country. However, unless it happens that you have a generous relative who will readily offer you a place to stay. It is very likely that you will need some sort of accommodation. 

Foreigner loans will help you when you are faced with a financial crisis. This could be to handle medical services, house rental, visa issues, and for other needs your family may have back home.


Best Foreigner Loan Singapore - Fortune Credit

Choose The Most Reliable Moneylender And Why Your Solution Is Fortune Credit

In the recent past, the lending industry has grown so much to the advantage of the borrowers. Banking institutions are not the only solution available. This is because there are licensed moneylenders who are offering competitive lending deals for borrowers. When you want to get some money, there are numerous choices accessible for you. Licensed moneylenders in Singapore have been instrumental in changing many Singaporeans lives for the better.

Particularly those Singaporeans who have a poor credit report in the past yet they need an opportunity to demonstrate they are worthy of credit. Moneylenders in Singapore are financial partners that you can turn to when in need. You can also choose moneylenders for moments when you get a short buying period. In most instances, these legal lenders will take a shorter time to approve loans than average banks. The moneylenders are rather flexible in their loan offerings.

One important question that most people will ask is how to know whether a moneylender is legitimate. The simplest way to respond to this is by confirming their license number.  Alternatively, you can simply choose to trust Fortune Credit, one among the most trustworthy moneylenders in Singapore.

Convenient and Definite Solution

When you are faced with a challenging financial turmoil while in Singapore, do not opt for the easiest way out; that is to leave or even give up. It is in such challenging and rough times that you should not succumb to frustration or even desperation. It is in such occurrences that you need a practical and smart solution. This is what the moneylender’s foreigner loan is about.

Fortune Credit has established a magnificent means for foreigners in Singapore to access home loans to cater for their expenditure. We provide our customers with an easy, fast yet straightforward strategy to take out the type of loan they need. By using our simplified procedure for applying for the foreigner loan, the loan amount you desire will be disbursed to your account in an instant. What you have to do is simply fill in our application form available online, submit it, and then wait for a response from our staff within a few minutes. The process is THAT simple!

Foreigner Loan Requirements

  • Applicant should be aged above 21 years
  • Must be employed


  • Valid Passport
  • Valid work permit
  • Billing proof ( Any latest bill indicating residential address)
  • Valid Employment letter
  • Recent past 3 month original payslips
  • Singpass (To Download IRAS NOA)


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