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Technology has been very efficient during this time and era. The convenient way of living is being experienced today due to the rise of a lot of technological aspects.


A mobile phone is one of the things that we are now enjoying in this modern technology and to top it all, mobile phones are not just like the mobile phones then.

With the mobile phones from way back, you can simply call and text someone with it but now, you can go to your destination with the help of your smart mobile phones and the applications that go with it.


For example, if you are new to the place and just needs to go there to meet a friend or someone, an app can be very helpful during this situation.

Also, if you are all alone at home, sick and there is no food, you can definitely use a specific app for you to order food that will be delivered on your doorstep. A food delivery will always be excellent!


A lot of apps in SIngapore can be so essential in your everyday journey in life. You can book for a cab or a ride using an app, order food, navigate a place, go shopping online, check the weather as well as traffic, play some games, check entertainment locations, and a whole lot more.


In this article, you will have more knowledge regarding the best Singapore apps that you need to install in your phones.

GPS route 

 Explore Singapore

There are some places in Singapore that you might not be well aware of or is not familiar with the place and transportation might be your problem. With this, you will need to install these apps for a more helpful journey instead of the traditional public transport.


Comfort DelGrado

This is available for both Android and iOS. Comfort DelGrado is the official taxi company of Singapore which is considered the most reliable mode of transportation in the country. You can find Uber and Grab cheaper than their rates but they say that this company has the most dependable drivers.


Citymapper/[email protected]

Available on iOS and Android. Citymapper will provide you with exact details like heat safe route and MRT exit that is nearest to you. [email protected] on the other hand will provide you with the details on when the next bus is coming to your location at the bus stops. This will avoid you to wait for long hours.


oBike or Ofo

Both Android and iOS. This is a bike renting app wherein you need to put a deposit of $50 via your credit card and enjoy the $1 per hour rent of bicycles which you can drive all around the city. There are parking lots near your location that will accommodate the bikes that you have rented.


Explore Singapore MRT Map

Available on iOS and Android. This gives an up to date MRT map all in one screen and also gives directions between each stop.

Lazada Logo Shop at your own convenience

 Shopping is somehow a tiring hobby when you need to go to the mall and look around for the nice things that you would want to buy. It can also be time consuming when you look for a specific item and you still need to go through every store to check if the item you are looking for is available.

In short, shopping in a mall, you need to go to the store by store to check every item out. With the modern technology today, you can simply sit on your couch or even lay down, have your smart phone with you and enjoy shopping!

Most Singaporeans have Lazada, Shopee and Zalora on their phones for shopping purposes. You can just browse through their products or even just use the search tool to look for a specific thing that you would like to buy.

These apps will allow you to just be at the convenience of your home while you do the shopping that will be delivered on your address.

They will also help you not go through all the traffic and exhaustion while shopping at the malls. You will just be charged an additional delivery fee for the items that you purchased.

entertain apps popcorn

 Entertainment Apps


Movie tickets can be purchased using this app so that when you go to the movie theaters, users can just walk into the cinemas and present your movie tickets. You can also check what the local theaters are showing in a specific date and time. Download through iOS or Android.

Culture Trip

Also in iOS and Android. You can check out the latest information that will help you plan for your next trip. You can check out where to go and what to see with this app.

Everything else that you need:

NLB mobile

You will be able to borrow books that will be available to read as ebooks. They have a lot of various book selections by the National Library Board.

You can also do reservations of the books that you would want to read in the future and you can also scan the barcode and borrow hard copies of the books that you would like to read. Available in iOS and Android.

DBS PayLah

Considered as a mobile wallet, you can transfer your funds by just using your mobile numbers and you can also pay bills through this application. Online purchases can also be done by this app as well as transferring money for charity donations.

Basically everything and more that a bank transaction can do can be done with this application. This is also available for download through Android and iOS.

Users of these must-have apps are enjoying the convenience modern technology offers. They have found the best food delivery app on their phone, not to mention the availability of almost everything that the users will need all in their phone. Click here to learn more.

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