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5 Things to do in Bugis, Singapore

Among many other places in Singapore, Bugis is one of the top choices by the locals and other residences to chill out. It offers a wide selection of dining options, sightseeing spots, and AA history waiting for you to uncover.

Pray for good luck in Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple


It is believed that this Chinese temple grants every person’s desire for good luck through praying solemnly. The Kwan Im Thong Hood Che Temple features many Chinese craftsmanships as well as architecture. As one of the major attractions in Bugis, Singapore, this temple receives thousands of visitors and even devotees regularly. Kwan Im Thong Hood Che Temple is strategically located at 178 Waterloo St., Bugis, Singapore.

Have fun at Mint Museum of Toys​


A 7-minute walk from the Bugis Junction Mall, you can find Mint Museum of Toys where world-class collection of toys from the decades along with other collectible items are stored. For your perusal, more than 85,000 toys being displayed at the vicinity, and mind you, these toys date back from 1840s up to 1970s. If you are fond of discovering vintage toys, hop on to Mint Museum of Toys, the only place you can visit with thousands toys from the decades.


Have the time of your life in Loof​


Quenching your thirst has never been this fun elsewhere only here in Loof. It is a premier rooftop bar that offers a panoramic view of the city’s skyline, while you enjoy drinking your favorite Asian cocktail drinks!

Discover unique and cheap buys at Bugis’ Haji Lane​


Remember a couple of t-shirts you really want to have but can’t find in any Singapore malls? It’s about time to spend some time at Bugis’ Haji Lane. A charming spot in Bugis, Singapore where you can find unique apparel items and tons of dining options. You would know if you’re in Haji Lane, if you noticed colorful shophouses with creative paints on it. 

Some of the establishments to satisfy your cravings here in Haji Lane are as follows:

  • Juice Clinic
  • Selfie Coffee
  • The Hangar
  • The Singapura Club

Wall murals, hipster shops and artsy cafes are also some of the main reasons why Haji Lane always excite the tourists and even the locals.

Test your bravery at Xcape Singapore​

Good for a group of friends that would like to have outrageous but fun experience while in Bugis, Singapore, try Xcape Singapore. Escaping room is no longer just a mobile game, you can now play as the protagonist here in the largest and realest room escape game that you have to surpass within 1 hour as the maximum duration. 

Multiple selections for your perusal are available such as Shutter Island, Tomb raider, the Morgue haunted, Annabelle Haunted and Resident Evil.

It’s not just about expensive things in Singapore, it’s all about finding the good places where you can create good memories with family and friends. No wonder, this country is one of the best and modern place to live in or even for staycation.


Direction From Bugis MRT to Fortune Credit.​

  1. From Bugis MRT, take exist C. 

  2. Walk ahead southwest toward Middle Road.

  3.  Turn left onto Middle Road.

  4.  Turn Left onto North Bridge Road.

  5.  Arrive Bugis Cube, Fortune Credit is located at #02-01A.

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