Situated in the central region of Singapore, Chinatown is a subzone and ethnic enclave. Featuring distinctly Chinese cultural elements, Chinatown has had a historically concentrated ethnic Chinese population. Here are some things you could do there that’s recommended by the locals:

1. Snap some insta worthy pictures at People’s Park Complex

The rooftop at People’s Park Complex is hands down one of the most Instagrammable spots in Singapore. There is a yellow coloured block of office/apartment that makes it ideal for people to snap a photograph there. From there, you can also look at the beautiful skyline view of the city.

Address: 1 Park Rd, Singapore 059108
Business Hours: 24/7 daily

2. Eat at Maxwell Food Centre

Maxwell Food Centre is one of the best hawker centres in Singapore voted by many locals. It is full of delicious local cuisine that are all priced cheaply with a bowl of fishball noodles costing only $3!

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184
Business Hours: 8 am – 2 am daily

3. Explore Chinatown Street Market

Chinatown Street Market is one of Singapore’s most popular spots to visit for its shops and stalls. The street market is exactly how visitors would expect it to be, filled with Chinese culture decorations. There are numerous stalls here selling many different things from souvenirs to handicrafts.

Address: 29 Smith St, Singapore 058943
Business Hours: 9 am – 10 pm daily

4. Satisfy your noodle cravings at Hawker Chan

Hawker Chan is a food stall selling delicious soy sauce chicken noodles at a jaw-dropping price of $2.50. It is extremely cheap and the dishes he put out were simply mouthwatering, earning him one Michelin star.

Address: 78 Smith St, Singapore 058972
Business Hours: 10.30 am – 8 pm daily

5. Pay a visit to Sri Mariamman Temple 

Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore and the place is open to the public which means anyone could pray there. The temple’s iconic architectural style is what attracts many, making it a must-see.

Address: 244 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058793
Business Hours: 7 am – 12 pm and 6 pm – 9 pm daily

6. Explore Chinatown Heritage Centre

A must visit place for history lovers or curious individuals, the Chinatown Heritage Centre offers people a look back into the life of early locals in Singapore. One can expect to see tools used by ancient hairdressers or how kitchens used to look like in Singapore here! It is truly an interesting place for one to visit.

Address: 48 Pagoda St, Singapore 059207
Business Hours: 9.30 am – 3 pm daily 

7. Feast at Chinatown Complex 

The Chinatown Complex not only has countless food offers for visitors but it also has many trendy fashion clothing and accessories as well. After a tiring day of walking around, you can visit this place and choose amongst the hundreds of food stalls to satisfy your hunger.

Address: 335 Smith St, Singapore 050335
Business Hours: 12 pm – 7 pm daily

8. Walk around Keong Saik Road 

This particular road is famous for people who want to have a chill day with their friends or family. The place is filled with many cafes, bars and restaurants with some of them even winning awards for their menus. There are countless options of food offers and drinks here for you to choose from!

Address: Keong Saik Road
Business Hours: Varies

9. Visit Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The temple is one of Chinatown’s most beautiful attractions for its beautiful architecture and style. It is in the list of the most iconic Buddhist temples in Singapore for having a part of Buddha, which is his left canine tooth. Once there, you would be able to view the stunning design of both the exterior and interior of the temple as well as witness some artefacts.

Address: 288 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058840
Business Hours: 9 am – 5 pm daily

10. Chill along Ann Siang Road

This road is a popular spot known by many locals if they want to have a chill night out with their friends or families. The vibrant vibes and peaceful ambience is what makes the places special. Not to mention that there are also many restaurants and bars there. If you are a nightlife lover, you will definitely love this place!

Address: Ann Siang Road
Business Hours: Varies


Chinatown is definitely a popular spot in Singapore that is filled with many gems for one to explore and include in one’s itinerary when they visit Singapore. The place filled with amenities, activities and food could just possibly be one of the best places you will visit in Singapore!In need of extra cash or finances? You can visit Fortune Credit, a licensed money lender and get a personal loan near Chinatown. They offer fast cash to those in need of emergency loans.