Bukit Panjang is a neighborhood located in the West Region of Singapore, and despite being a residential area, it houses a lot of establishments that you can visit. One of them is Bukit Panjang Plaza. This commercial center offers a lot of restaurants within its building and its nearby areas. If you love good food, this place is a must-visit. Check out this Bukit Panjang Plaza food guide for some of the best restaurants you should consider visiting. 


When you enter this establishment, you’ll probably feel like you’ve been transported to the Wild West. However, apart from the prominent cowboy theme, this Halal-certified restaurant also offers a lot of delicious food. It serves its patrons a wide variety of steaks as well as chicken and vegetable dishes that come with your choice of side dishes. 

Address: 1 Jelebu Rd, #03-10, Singapore 677743

Hours: 11:30 AM – 10 PM Daily

2. Tonkotsu Kazan Volcano Ramen

One highly popular Bukit Panjang Plaza food establishment is Tonkotsu Kazan Volcano ramen. The brand itself has been long-established back in Japan as it has been serving hearty bowls of ramen since 1966. When you come here, you need to try out the spicy version of their Karamiso Ramen, which is served in a heated stone bowl with a cone-shaped lid resembling a volcano. Apart from this campy presentation, the ramen’s rich broth also packs a delicious punch of flavor that you will surely enjoy. 

Address: 1 Jelebu Rd, #01-64/65, Singapore 677743

Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM Daily

3. Punggol Nasi Padang

If you’re looking for delicious local fare, you should visit Punggol Nasi Padang. This establishment presents itself with a casual vibe, and it offers a variety of tasty meals. Some of the best menu items you should get here include, as its name suggests, Nasi Padang, along with its Roti Prata and Nasi Lemak. 

Address: 1 Jelebu Rd, Bukit Panjang Rd, #01-60/61, Singapore 677743

Hours: 8 AM – 9:30 PM daily

4. ToriGO

Near Bukit Panjang Plaza, you can find ToriGO, an establishment specializing in Japanese dishes with chicken as the star of the show. Many love this place for its delicious meals and excellent service. Some of the most popular dishes you can get here include their Amakuchi Spring Chicken, Crispy Chicken Wings, and Miso-Baked Whole Spring Chicken. 

Address: 17 Petir Rd, #B1-37, Singapore 018953

Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM daily

5. Saizeriya

Saizeriya is one of the most well-loved food places in Singapore. It specializes in serving amazing Italian dishes that can satisfy any patron who dines there. Some of the dishes you need to try here include traditional Italian dishes like Carbonara and Bolognese. However, you can also try their other dishes like Oven Grilled Escargot or Grill Combo. 

Address: 17 Petir Rd, B1-20/21/22, Singapore 678278

Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM Daily

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