In Singapore, the road to a happy ending doesn’t always come cheap. And we’d like to believe that with the seemingly endless planning and decision-making on the ceremonial details, it is the bride’s dress that holds the whole wedding elements together. 

On average, a ready-made one starts at $1800-$6000, while a bespoke with a designer label can easily cost more than $2000-depending on how deep your pocket is. 

Finding the right wedding dress isn’t the breeziest task. And with so many options available, the bride’s budget is always the driving force. To help you and your bridesmaid in this quest, here’s our list of the most popular boutiques in Singapore for wedding dresses under $1000.

15 Popular Bridal Boutiques for a Wedding Dress Under $1,000

  1. Amanda Lee Weddings

Known for their niche designs that are unconventional and one-of-a-kind, Amanda lee Weddings is for the bride who is looking for a wedding dress that is beautifully memorable and remarkable. 

With keen attention to the feminine silhouette and the techniques for the dreamiest of fabrics, this bridal boutique offers a range of exquisite dresses for rental. And with a little more extra, they can also whip up a bespoke piece of art especially for you. 

Price: Dress rental starts at $800

Specialty Services: Bespoke and Off-the-rack wedding & evening dresses and suits

Address: 8 Jalan Kilang Barat, #06-02

Website: Amanda Lee Weddings

  1. Bridefully Yours

It is no surprise if Bridefully Yours is on your most recommended list since they have been featured countless times on various social media. Bridefully Yours understands what modern brides want. They carefully handpick only the most exquisite wedding dresses that are distinct and full of personality.  

With hundreds of contemporary and timeless gowns in the house, you’ll surely find a dress that brings out your uniqueness and beauty at a competitive rental price tag.

Price: Rentals start at $890

Specialty Services: Off-the-rack contemporary wedding gowns and groom suits

Address: 160 Paya Lebar Road, #08-05

Website: Bridefully Yours

  1. Jawn Happy Ever After

The most imaginative of brides would find her league in this couture-focused bridal boutique. With a team of designers, more like artisans, they can whip up a fantasy wedding dress that every romantic and extravagant bride dreams of. Each dress exudes individuality and personality, which is perfect for couples planning to have a wedding event like no other. 

Price: Wedding dress rental starts at $480 after-party or pre-wedding shoot dress starts at $380

Specialty and Services: Bespoke and Off-the-rack wedding gowns and dresses, Hair & make-up

Address: 100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall

Website: Jawn Happy Ever After

  1. Luna Bianca

With a vast collection of the finest European wedding dresses, Luna Bianca has grown to be one of the country’s most trusted and renowned bridal boutiques. Favoring clean silhouettes embellished with the most delicate laces and luxurious beadwork, Luna Bianca’s tour de force is their distinct regal and feminine signature for the brides. Their esteemed team of artists also delivers fantastic bridal packages.

Price: Off-the-rack Wedding Dress rental starts at $800, Bespoke Dress and Suit from $600

Specialty Services: Bespoke and Off-the-rack Bridal gowns and groom’s suits, bridal hair & Make-up, Wedding Photography and Videography

Address: 10 North Canal Road, Tanjong Pagar Road 

Website: Luna Bianca 

  1. My Dream Wedding

What sets My Dream Wedding apart from its contemporaries is its very personalized wedding services. With a focus on the couple’s unique story and personality, they carefully build and execute the wedding elements, particularly the wedding dress, with the bride in mind. 

This international brand carries a stunning array of well-crafted dresses from Hong Kong and Paris, and their dedicated team of professionals would guide you in the making of your very own, sweetest dream wedding.  

Price: Minimony Package of 1 dress and 1 suit starts at $960, Ala Carte wedding dress rental from $760, pre-wedding shoot package of 3 dresses at $1000

Specialty Services: Off-the-rack and Bespoke wedding gown and suit rental, Wedding Photography and Videography 

Address: 52 Tras Street, #01-01 Singapore 78991

Website: My Dream Wedding

  1. Love, Fioyo

To make wedding gown shopping easier for the modern brides, Love Fioyo, an online women’s clothing store, now carries a collection of beautiful wedding dresses available for rental services. 

Their genius and versatile collection of minimalist, convertible, and unconventional wedding dresses are perfect for intimate weddings while staying comfortable and true to the bride’s individuality. 

With their dynamic online platform, brides can shop, plan, and rent efficiently online, at the comfort of their homes. 

Price: Off-the-rack and Bespoke wedding dress rental for four days starts at $390 

Specialty Services: Convertible and Multi-wear wedding dresses for rent, Wedding Photography and Videography starts at $450, Hair & Makeup from $450

Website: Love, Fioyo 

  1. Elizabeth Grace Couture

Having dressed some of the UK’s A-list celebrities, Elizabeth Grace Couture is most sought-after for her bespoke wedding dresses. 

Understanding that every bride is different, her team of experts is a master in guiding the bride in creating a very personal and beautifully unique dress, from choosing the fabric, the silhouette, and the little details like custom jewelry that make you shine on your wedding day. 

Their sustainable off-the-rack collection of dresses for rent are also not to be missed if you’re looking for a dress that is truly different.

Price: Off-the-rack rental from $500, Bespoke wedding dress for rent starts at $1000

Specialty Services: Bespoke/Made-to-measure wedding dresses and suits

Address: 19 Tanglin Road, #02-10 Tanglin Shopping Centre

Website: Elizabeth Grace Couture

Emanuel B Couture

  1. Emanuel B Couture

A notable Wedding and Events Planner, Emanuel B Couture’s expertise and talent in whipping up a sensational affair are esteemed, artists evident in their use of colors, ephemeral silhouettes, and outstanding details be it a cheongsam or a dramatic frock. 

For brides who are bold and confident, you will find an haute couture collection of expensively looking pieces in grand shapes and hues within a decent budget. 

Price: Wedding dress rental from $790

Specialty Services: Off-the-rack wedding dress and cheongsam and evening gown rental, made-to-measure gowns, and cheongsams, Photography, Hair & Make-up

Address: 100 Peck Seah Street, #07-13, Oasis Hotel Downtown Singapore

Website: Emanuel B Couture

  1. Ethereal by Watabe Wedding

Managed by one of Japan‘s leading bridal wear companies, Ethereal by Watabe stays true to its name by imbuing grace and romantic charm in its well-crafted wedding dresses. 

Rendered in fluid lines, opulent beading, and embroideries that are layered with a sheath and delicate laces for dimension, Ethereal’s signature is the sensual, ultra-feminine aesthetic where brides seem to belong in a Romantic-era painting. 

Their use of Kimono fabric on their cheongsam collection is impeccable, featuring vibrant and elegant colors and distinctly Japanese floral motifs. 

Price: Wedding dress gown rental from $800

Specialty Services: Romantic and Fluid wedding  dresses, Kimono, Cheongsam

Address: 30 Victoria Street, Alcove at Caldwell House,  #02-04/05 Chijmes

Website: Ethereal by Watabe Wedding

  1. L’Atelier Carte Blanche

Recognised by Best in Singapore, this bridal boutique is full of designer wedding gowns from international designers like Eva Lendel and Wona Concepts which were featured in Vogue and other acclaimed magazines. 

Founded on the desire to make haute couture more accessible to brides in Singapore, their fabulous collection features exceptional gowns of character and statement. 

From a minimalist ball gown-shaped silhouette to divinely textured body-fitting lace, no matter how diverse brides are, L’atelier Carte Blanche has a hidden gem for every dreamy woman. 

Price: Evening dress rental starts from $600

Specialty Services: Haute Couture Designer Wedding Dresses and Evening Gowns, Latest wedding gown trends

Address: 1 Marne Road, #01-21

Website: L’Atelier Carte Blanche

  1. The Gown Warehouse

We love this bridal studio because of its up-to-date collection of wedding gowns and suits made of high-quality materials and excellent and new condition. 

Their beautiful high-quality wedding gowns and evening dresses are carefully picked, and the selection is not too vast to get you overwhelmed and not too small to limit your choices. From a modern and simple wedding dress to sparkly and glamorous gowns, they just have all that a modern bride is looking for at a very friendly price. 

They also carry simpler designs with a beautiful back design, perfect for bridesmaid dresses and the rest of the entourage. Their beautiful pieces are available for purchase or rent. 

Price: Ala Carte Evening and Wedding gown rental starts at $380, purchase deal from $700

Specialty Services: Pre-wedding packages, Actual day packages, Modern and up-to-date dresses and suits 

Address: 25 Liechfield Road

Website: The Gown Warehouse

  1. The Wedding Crafters

A homegrown brand that prides itself on locally designed pieces that are carefully crafted and put together by skillful hands, The Wedding Crafters is not your ordinary bridal boutique. 

Fun, playful, brave, and stylish in character, this boutique is for the trendsetting bride who wants to go beyond the boundaries of a traditional wedding gown. Each piece is nothing short of extraordinary with a flair for A-line and fit & flare shapes and a beautiful play on textures and fabrics. 

If you fancy a bold wedding pantsuit or an ultra-sexy high-slit halter neck gown, The Wedding Crafters is a force in individual personal style who believes that expression and dreams don’t have to cost a leg and an arm.

Price: Alala carte off-the-rack wedding gown rental starts at $990

Specialty Services: Hand-sewn wedding gowns that are lightweight and comfortable, custom-made and off-the-rack dresses for rent and sale, Videography and Photography packages, Hair and Make-up

Address: 67 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 1 #07-03

Website: The Wedding Crafters

  1. Silhouette, The Atelier

With over 25 years of bridal gown expertise, Silhouette wedding dresses are esteemed for their quality in workmanship and flair for opulent and luxurious materials. 

Their highly experienced team of designers work closely with the clients and craft every imaginable dress style, from classical to contemporary, traditional to modern, or a fusion of inspirations. But their expertise resonates more on classic and minimalist dresses with impeccable attention to details that bring out your very best on your most special day. 

If you are looking for a dress that could weather the seasons and possibly hand down to generations, Silhouette The Atelier is a grand dame in bridal wear. 

Price: Ala Carte gown rental starts from $799

Specialty Services: High-quality wedding dresses, Bespoke and In-collection pieces for rent and purchase

Address: 75 Niven Road

Website: Silhouette The Atelier

  1. Brides, The Label

The first online bridal gown superstore in Singapore, Brides aims to provide ease of wedding planning with their best and hassle-free online shopping experience. With their well-curated wedding gown collections and accessories, your dream dress is just a click away. 

Veering towards simple finishes with subtle sparkles and laces in classic silhouettes, yet joyful and youthful, you can be assured that each piece is made with quality materials and finish. 

If that isn’t convenient enough, the selection is made easy by filtering down your search according to your desired style, cut, and color. Then you can easily compare your measurements against their international sizing chart and book an appointment for the fitting. 

Their friendly team provides alteration for free, so you can ensure that your dress fits immaculately. 

Price: Standard (4 days)  and Extended (8 days) gown rental from $99 – $599 + $30 per product fitting

Specialty Services: Vast collection of dresses in various colors, shapes, sizes, and styles, Suits

Address: Club Street, Singapore

Website: Brides, The Label

  1.  The Gown Connoisseur

Boasting a solid 5 out of 5 stars Google reviews, clients and brides-to-be are raving about The Gown Connoisseur’s superb service, bridal gown expertise, and an exquisite collection of beautiful dresses that are tastefully crafted for an elegant and regal bride.

They believe that finding the dress must be a fun and memorable experience for every bride-to-be, and with their team of friendly professionals, forking your way through the selection process would be breezy. 

With a mix of detailed flair, classic elegance, and a variety of silhouettes for women of every shape, expect them to pull something so well-fitting, you could launch into the sweetest “yes”. 

Price: Off-the-rack Ala Carte gown rental starts at $689, inclusive of complementary accessories

Specialty Services: Make-up, Photography, and Gown Packages, Groom’s Suit Rental

Address: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-04, [email protected]

Website: The Gown Connoisseur

5 Useful Tips When Shopping for your Wedding Dress

  1. Define your body type, shape, and what silhouette suits you best.

The very first thing to understand is your body, posture, measurements, and your assets which you wish to highlight. 

It is essential in directing and refining your search when it comes to identifying which neckline, back design, cut, and embellishments to emphasize or tone down certain curves of your body. It’s the key to feeling fabulous on your most beautiful day. 

  1. Start Shopping Early.

The ideal time to begin shopping for a dress is 6 to 9 months before the wedding day. It takes an average of 4 months for a designer to make the dress and about 2 months to complete the alterations. We also know that rush works entail additional costs. 

This timeline works best as well for brides looking to rent a wedding dress as you could have enough time to decide, plus you could book the dress in advance to keep it from getting snatched by another bride on your wedding day.  

  1. Do your Research.

Finding a wedding dress means there’s a whole new language to decode. It is not every day that you encounter terms such as Watteau train, Basque waist, or differentiate the shades of white. 

Getting familiar with these terms, fabric types, textures, and other small important details will save you from spiraling down the hundreds of options and inspirations for your wedding dress.

  1. Keep an open mind.

It is always best to have a vision of your ideal dress in mind (or on paper or your phone screen). But consultants and even your bridesmaid would always tell you to be open to trying other silhouettes or necklines. 

They could see your body at angles you don’t see and they might just be right. Clothes on hangers look different when worn too. So, go on and give it a try, and the best dress might come as a surprise. 

  1. Make the most out of your fitting.

Before heading off to your fitting appointment, the first thing is to bring a pair of heels that are about the same height as your actual wedding shoes. 

Wear the right undergarments and pair them up with some simple and elegant accessories such as your earrings. Be punctual on your appointment. It usually takes 2-3 fittings to adjust your desired wedding dress so, you might want to get the right measurements done without stalling too much on alterations. 

Check how your dress behaves when you move. Are the straps still up? Can you lift your arms? Is the neckline too low? Are you tripping on your dress? An opinionated entourage can be very frustrating, so limit your backup to 3 people who know your taste, who has a taste, and will be honest with you and your mother.

Bonus Tip!

Set a Budget. It could be heartbreaking to push back a beautiful dress when you find out that it’s way beyond how much you are willing to pay. Figure out how much you want to spend so the salesperson could bring out those that are within your allowance, but don’t be afraid to ask for any upcoming promos or on-sale collections. 

Remember, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on the perfect dress. Take note of the current trends, such as minimalist but romantic wedding dresses, as less embellished ones are more affordable. A simpler wedding dress is more appropriate for an intimate-sized wedding, especially in the current situation. Once you’ve found your dress, relax, and stop looking. Yours is great, and look forward to showing it off on your big day. 

Ahhh, weddings are indeed made in, but the expenses are borne on earth. It would be best to have a word with your would-be spouse on the total amount which would be spent on your marriage. Crafting a long-term bond begins with communication. 

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