A suburban neighborhood situated in the central area of Singapore, Aljunied is sprawling with housing estates, educational institutions, and cultural landmarks. It is the perfect blend of rustic charm and contemporary lifestyle.

If you’re in the area, take your time to explore the strong, vibrant history of Aljunied. You will surely enjoy the many Aljunied food spots that have attracted foodies from Singapore and beyond.

1. Builders At Sims

Looking for French-inspired food without burning a hole in your budget? Head over to Builders At Sims which is situated under an old HDB flat. A 10-minute walk from Aljunied MRT station, it is pretty accessible. They serve delicious food at affordable prices.

You can try their Crab Pasta made with crab bisque. Another must-try is their French Toast which comes with 4 thick brioche cubes. This dish is served with a huge scoop of French Vanilla ice cream.

Address: 53 Sims Pl, #01-160, Singapore 380053

Business Hours: 11am to 9pm on Mondays to Fridays; 10:30am to 9pm on Saturdays and Sundays

2. Penang Seafood Restaurant

Are you a diehard fan of Penang food? You should definitely check out Penang Seafood Restaurant in Aljunied. Order their Sambal Lala as well as their delicious and aromatic Penang Fried Kway Teow. Another must-try is their Assam Laksa which is one of the best in Singapore.

Address: 32 Aljunied Rd, Singapore 389817

Business Hours: 11am to 12am every day

3. Ho Kee Pau

Craving dim sum? Two minutes away from Aljunied MRT Station, Ho Kee Pau has an extensive list of dim sum. You can try their Har Gao, Siew Mai, and Char Siew Roll. Don’t forget to try their signature buns as well!

Served in a basket of three, some of the must-try buns are the Char Siew Pau and Lotus Paste Pau.

Address: 43 Lor 27 Geylang, Singapore 388176

Business Hours: 8am to 9pm every day

4. The Ranch Café

If you’re looking for some comforting Western dish, you will definitely find it at The Ranch Café. Only a stone’s throw away from Aljunied MRT Station, this café offers a wide selection of Western classics, such as Ranch Aglio Olio and Ranch Pork Chop.

You can also try their Chef Recommendation which is the Smoked Duck. It is tender, moist, and bursting with mouthwatering flavors.

Address: 71 / 73 Lor 27 Geylang, Singapore 388191

Business Hours: 11:30am to 12am every day

5. Teahouse 1973

Afternoon tea for two? Don’t miss a visit to Teahouse 1973 at Sims Place. Teahouse 1973 may not have the modern, trendy look that is considered trendy on Instagram. However, this place blends the traditional tastes of Penang, Malaysia with the sensibilities of modern cafes.

You can try their value-for-money Afternoon Tea Set that comes with cakes, macarons, waffles, and chicken drumlets. To complete the set, it is served with a pot of Peach Tea with a bright, fruity aroma.

Address: Blk 53 Sims Pl, Singapore 380053

Business Hours: 11am to 8pm every day

Aside from these Aljunied food spots, you will also find plenty of food courts at Sims Vista Market & Food Centre. You will also find a wide array of fruit stores where you can indulge in the local delight of durians.

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