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From time to time, you will encounter some financial difficulties. It is in these instances that most Singaporeans may not have the suitable source from where they may get quick cash.

Many of them may be burdened with different issues that include strict borrowing terms, poor credit record, and rather long loan approval periods.

Fortune Credit remains sensitive to clients’ financial needs when it comes to availing emergency cash for their needs.

Our Dedication To You Our Valued Customers

In life, you may find that you are faced with situations that may be beyond your current financial capabilities. When you are faced with such a situation, it is best to reach out for help. Friends and family may be burdened with issues of their own and will not be your best choice. Reach out to Fortune Credit!

In being among the most efficient licensed moneylenders in Singapore. Fortune Credit’s priority is to ensure that our clients access the cash they need, fast! We provide efficient money lending services so that you are able to meet your emergency obligations on time. If you required to handle a medical bill, pay tuition, fix a car, or simply settle bills that currently are overdue.

Fortune Credit has a loan that can best fit your needs. We are dedicated to making sure that you obtain the funds you want when you require it.

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Our Code Of Ethics And Integrity

When it concerns how we work with our clients, Fortune Credit follows a very strict code of ethics. All charges we offer are upfront. Rest assured that you will not of a sudden find hidden costs and charges. Such integrity has led to Fortune Credit gaining our clientele’s trust.

We ensure that we take our customers through the loan contract, explain the loan terms and answer all questions they might have prior to signing. This offers you sufficient time to assess the fine print. We assure you will not have any surprises regarding the contract terms.

The Fortune Credit loan request forms are rather simple, this makes the filling out process easy. Our satisfaction as one among the top moneylenders is not to simply present you with the money you need but to give you sound financial advice. Our loan conditions and terms will be clarified to you and a repayment plan can be custom-made for you. This will make sure that a borrower is not overly weighed down when repaying the loan.

The location of our office is easy to access and removed from the crowds for enhanced privacy since we emphasize on customer’s privacy. The process of applying for a loan is easy and straightforward. After it is proven, confirmed, and the loan is approved. Then you can obtain a fast cash loan from us. Keep in mind the set repayment date and make sure that you repay on time.

Get in touch with us and we will gladly help and advise you on which loan type that ideal for you. This can be payday loans or even personal loans. Rely on Fortune Credit today.


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