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Leading Legal Moneylender In Bugis & Bras Basah

Since 2010, Fortune Credit has remained steadfast in delivering
satisfactory borrowing experience to our customer.

Who are we?

Fortune Credit Pte Ltd is among the top 10 legal moneylenders in Singapore and touted as the best moneylender in Bugis as well as Bras Basah. We offer personal loan, foreign loan, business loan, and payday loan.

Since 2010, Fortune Credit has been commended for being a financial agency that offers “comfortable, friendly, and efficient” borrowing experience to our clients.  As a licensed moneylender in Singapore, We vowed to help our clients who are in financial troubles, we offer custom-tailored loans with low-interest rates to help our clients get through difficult situations.

As a licensed moneylender, we strictly operate under the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Law. Adhering on policies regarding best low interest on personal loans, payday loans and other types of loans. We are committed to helping our clients better that’s why we also take pride in positive feedback provided by our past clients.

Moneylenders job is to provide financial help to those in dire need of money. But what makes Fortune Credit different from other moneylenders is its reputation for being a warm, caring, and thoughtful institution. It understands that the overall process of borrowing money should be easy, relaxed, and unintimidating. 

True to its tagline “Feel Free to Borrow Anytime”, Fortune Credit vows to extend its financial help to those in need every single day.

What is so good about us? What are our achievements?

Being in the industry for over a decade, Fortune Credit, being a licensed money lender in Singapore has established excellent customer service and achieved notable awards.  We are known to be dedicated and warm towards all of our clients, it’s a trait that our clients want, making us one of the best licensed money lenders in Singapore.

Honours & Achievements

  • Regarded as among the top 10 licensed money lender in Singapore by Loan Advisor
  • Included in the list of top-performing licensed moneylender in Singapore by Top Brands

Reviews & Testimonials

  • Received excellent 4.9 stars from verified clients on Google Reviews
  • Commended as “friendly, efficient, and accommodating” licensed moneylender by customers on Loan advisor
Loan Advisor Award 2020

What do we stand for?

Our Corporate Vision​

Our vision is for our service to be known as a financial agency that offers utmost pleasant borrowing experience. Fortune Credit, as a licensed money lender Singapore, have anchored this vision to our core values that all our employees and staff believe in–meaningful work, respect, and compassion. We pride ourselves as the best Singapore money lender when it comes to serving our customers.

How does that make us different from the rest?​

Whether you need a personal or payday loan, our loans are custom-tailored to suit your financial needs. As a licensed money lender that has been operating for over a decade, we only offer the best personal loan, payday loans and other loans to all of our clients living in Singapore.

We believe that unforeseen circumstances or financial difficulties hold our customers back to having the best future they deserve. Therefore, licensed money lenders like Fortune Credit offer the best solutions and quick cash to solve these financial struggles.

As one of the best top-performing licensed moneylenders in Bugis as well as Bras Basah, our interest rates are low and without any hidden charges. We will walk you through the application process down to the signing of the loan contract. We pride our transparency when it comes to all aspects of the loan process, we help our customers understand how interest rates are applied to the loans they are applying for.

Moreover, Legal Money Lender in Singapore like Fortune Credit, offer a loan application process that is swift and easy. Skip the lengthy loan application process on banks, switch to our fast approval process and you’ll never get to wait for lengthy days to obtain your cash. Money lenders like us also don’t scrutinize credit history instead we evaluate your ability on how you can repay the loan. We help our customers make the best loan plan for them.

With this corporate vision, comes the mission to genuinely help our clients ease their financial worries and have easy access to money when the need arises.  Whether you are looking for personal loans, payday loans or other types of loans, we always got you covered!

the no 1 licensed money lender in SG

How we have helped out thousands of Singaporeans in need

As a licensed money lender singapore, we live up to our corporate mission and vision. Considering these missions and visions as our guide over the years, we have fortunately helped thousands of Singaporeans and foreigners become financially secured by providing sufficient money to help them get through tough times. We have offered thousands of personal loans, payday loans, and other loans with low interest rates in Singapore.

Being one of the best Licensed money lenders in Singapore. We build rapport to our clients that keeps them on coming back to avail our personal loan and other loan types. Being one of the best licensed moneylenders in Singapore, we only offer the best interest rates and loans to our customers at their best interest.

What do we offer in return?

  • Welcoming and warm legal moneylender atmosphere
  • Helpful and compassionate financial staffs
  • Comfortable and efficient loan application process
  • Guaranteed quick approvals on any loan
  • A team of professional & knowledgeable financial consultants
  • Transparent loan plans and lowest-possible interest rates
  • Excellent customer-service assistance, before, during and after the application process
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