5 Stores for Women In Tiong Bahru Plaza

Use this guide to find the stores you need to visit based on your needs. This is to lessen the time spent in shopping mall and also to refrain yourself from going from store to another just to find what you need.

Here are the 5 Stores for Women In Tiong Bahru Plaza :

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Echo of Nature

For women who are environmental advocates but also fashionistas, no need to worry as the entire fabric are made naturally, to provide you timeless and comfortable clothing lines. Echo of Nature offers dress, outerwear, tops, bottoms from small to double extra-large sizes to accommodate all the consumers. Moreover, they also sell accessories like belts, necklaces, and handbags. 

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Charcoal House

Personal care has always been one of the priorities of every women, either single or moms. It’s highly recommended to visit Charcoal House in Tiong Bahru Plaza to buy some of your personal care needs such as the following:

  • Bamboo Charcoal Deodorant
  • Bamboo Vinegar Cleanser
  • Vinegar Bamboo Whitening Soap
  • Eye Care Mask


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Bring back your radiant and younger looking skin with the help of professionals in Fresver. Established in 1988, it aims to beautify and bring back the confidence to every customer they treat through face or eye treatments. Don’t feel guilty in spending your hard-earned money to love yourself. We all know that making ends meet can sometimes make us to look stress and older than we truly are. Fortunately, Fresver in Tiong Bahru Plaza is here to provide top of the line facial and eye treatments like hydra effect, oxygeneo, thermal ionic and cryotherapy eye treatments for you.

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For electronic buys, you can always count on to Challenger, as it has multiple electronic brands you need at home and even to your home office. Challenger offers rewards for value club members and repeat customers, in which it makes them more reliable and convenient for every consumer. Wide selections of electronic and office buys include modem, printers, game consoles, cameras, adapter and any electronic buys you can imagine.


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Backpackers Gallery 

Does it inconvenient whenever you bring bulky bag with you each time you travel? Do you need more space for your stuffs? Fret no more! Backpackers Gallery is also available in Tiong Bahru Plaza to choose from multiple bags good for school and travel use. Whereas, Backpackers Gallery products are capable to handle heavy loads. If you are after the quality and longevity of a bag, it’s highly recommended to visit Backpackers Gallery inside the Tiong Bahru Plaza. 

There are so many stores intended for women consumers. We just cannot wait for you to visit the stores we have mentioned in this entry. Once you go inside the Tiong Bahru Plaza, read this article again as your guide and save more time.

Direction from Tiong Bahru Plaza to Fortune Credit

  1. From the mall, walk towards Jln Membina and take the entrance A.

  2. Then ride the MRT for around 10 minutes and drop off at Bugis station.

  3. From Bugis station, head on to exit C and head to southwest in Middle Road.

  4. Turn left in North Bridge Road.

  5. Arrive at Bugis Cube, Fortune Credit is located at #02-01A.



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