Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people have been struggling to make ends meet and keep their businesses afloat. The global crisis has already led most countries – even the leading ones, in debt as they aim to support each household. Although there is assistance being offered to some, people are most likely to continue doubling their work just to ensure their safety to whatever lies ahead.

The uncertainties at the time prompted individuals to try various things just to survive, while observing health guidelines. Apparently, there are many ways one can consider to get and earn extra money just at home! These have been beneficial since the COVID occurred, making more online jobs in-demand even those who are already working full-time.

If you are aiming to save up whilst things are getting out of hand around you, or just to pay off your debt quicker, achieve a better lifestyle, you need not to worry anymore. Here, we have listed down options that can allow you to get paid more in Singapore!

1. Be an Online English Tutor or an Online Translator

It is known how Singapore is an international hub for finance, commerce and more importantly, business. And it has attracted a myriad of multinational companies (MNCs) from all over the world.

Using Singapore as a springboard to launch their products and services into greater South-East Asian countries has been the goal of these MNCs based in the area. This proves that the country’s bilingual education system has its advantages and benefits.

Thus, assuming that apparently, learning new languages is your past-time or hobby, you can try making money out of it! There are sites such as Upwork and translators town offer various freelance translation jobs that are time bound and pretty lucrative.

Average pay: Their payment or the income per assignment can most likely range from nearly S$20 up to S$1,500. Note that with the nature of the job, you can take up assignments as and when you have spare time or on weekends.

2. Be a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant, similarly to a personal assistant, requires a skill set that focuses primarily on communications. One will be required to be transparent, knowledgeable of sharing information in the best process for both the worker and clients, multi-tasker, organised and above all, responsible in working remotely.

Average pay: Amid the crisis, job hirings for this title are rampant. People can also view Upwork for the companies looking for an assistant which would normally pay them at least or starting with $13.32 per hour in Singapore.

3. Be a Health and Wellness Instructor

While there are more and more people choosing to stay locked inside due to the virus, people are also keen in exploring new things and activities while at home. Exercises which prioritizes their well-being are amongst the ones they try out, such as yoga.

So, if it is flexibility that is your forte, why not teach it to others? Remember that health consciousness is no longer just a fad and you can leverage on this growing interest, especially these days. You can easily conduct social media or online weekend programmes so that this does not interfere with your regular job.

Average pay: Depending on your desired rate. With this kind of part-time, you can also weigh how much you would want to get as an income.

4. Make and/or Answer Surveys Online

In Singapore, this does not mandate any commitment or major skills. This is also an ideal option to get some free coupons or cash instantly.

Some websites that you can view are AIP Online Surveys and Toluna.

How to earn: Whenever you are free, you can take up online surveys and in return, receive points which you can use to buy gift cards or vouchers.

5. Be a Freelance Designer or a Writer

If creativity is your strength and design your interest, you can become a freelance designer. New business requirements come up daily, which means new job opportunities for designers come up every day. The good thing about this, is you can surely work remotely, as you would only need timely updates with your potential clients, which can conveniently be done via phone call, video chat etc.

Whether you choose to design a logo, build a website, design an infographic, you get to keep your creative juices flowing while making money. You can send your portfolio up on sites like Fiverr and Freelancer for a start.

On the other hand, if your forte is writing, you can also make the most out of it. There are tons of writing jobs that you can look up on the internet wherein you can become a freelance contributor for a website, magazine, news wire, or even ad agencies.

Average pay: Decide an ideal per word/per hour or per project rate. This is one of the most flexible extras as it can be a long or short-term commitment. Thus, you can decide what suits you depending on your situation.

6. Try Selling Homemade Food Such as Pastries

Given that there are more people indulging themselves at the comfort of their homes, deliveries and take-outs are common nowadays. So if you enjoy cooking or have been living your life being told you make the best cakes or pies but never had the chance to share that blessing to a bunch of people, make it happen!

You can set up an online shop from your social media accounts like Facebook, where there’s Facebook Market, or over Twitter and Instagram.

You could share your home cooked food with fellow Singaporeans on platforms such as Share Food. It can also be noted that there are no licensing issues as long as you sell your food to individuals. However, you need to ensure that you maintain high cleanliness standards.

How to price your product: Total up the cost of the ingredients for each item you bake and add a value for your time.

7. Try Selling Stuff That Does Not Spark Joy to You Anymore

It is inevitable for us to hoard, especially for those who believe that reusing and recycling must be practiced. However, giving up stuff you no longer need can actually help you in saving a whole lot more to get your next valuable purchase!

Ever had those roller skates you used regularly when hanging out late with your friends, but not anymore because you have been working too much? Or the spare clothes lying around in which you have outgrown out of years ago? Do you have a stash of things in your wardrobe, bomb shelter, or study room that you have not used in the past year? Why don’t you consider selling them to someone else instead!

While in your free time, try to look around in your house and take stock of the items you no longer utilize, clothes and shoes you no longer wear, toys you don’t play and even books you have read.

Tip: These can be instantly sold on websites like Etsy or Gumtree. After all, decluttering can be good for your wellbeing too!

8. Sell Your Professional Photos

If you have been into photography earlier, your photos from your hard drive would never go to waste even though you have already used them for past projects. You can sell your photos online!

By signing up or registering as a contributor for iStockphoto, Adobe Stock or Shutterstock, you can enjoy getting paid from sharing your shots.

This approach is still beneficial and ideal despite the pandemic because you can just snap up tons of shots in a week and market and distribute them in the comfort of your home for the rest of the month!

Average pay: Currently, one can earn at least $5 for every photo sold. Ideally, if this is the field you want to push, you can get an extra $100–$2,500 per month.

9. Instruct an Online Course on or Build Your Own Online Course

Because many people resort to choosing remote learning, it is indeed possible for Singaporeans to earn more money these days through teaching. Udemy is an online learning marketplace wherein you can share your knowledge and get paid while you do so.

Should you have been in the advertising field for long or have immense knowledge of cooking, you could design a course and teach people through it. You can utilize this platform not only to impart knowledge but also to expand your own.

Tip: If you already have your own website and idea for an online training programme, you can also use Teachable to create and sell online courses easily. If you’re fond of making tutorials, anyway, creating a Youtube channel may be ideal.

10. Try Transcribing Audio and Interviews

For sure, there are more people who are looking for a much flexible work that allows them to work from home which also requires little to no prior experience, and does not apparently involve making or answering calls.

This option can be considered by literally anyone who’s a good listener, may it be a full-time worker or a student. Become a transcriptionist. With this, you have the liberty to set your own hours and take or work as much or as little as you would want anytime at home.

For transcription, you will be required listening to audio clips or files and typing out what you hear. Most companies that hire professional transcriptionists will usually require a high-quality foot pedal for controlling audio playback along with the popular Express Scribe transcription software.

There are sites like Transcribe Anywhere, TranscribeMe, Rev, Tigerfish, Crowdsurf and Quicktate that you can consider for your potential side hustle for that extra cash.

Average pay: You can make money in this approach for at least $15 per hour.

Delivery Man Delivering Grocery Ordered Online

If You Still Think the Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Here Are More Ways You Can Try Out to Earn Extra Money in Singapore:

a. Try Babysitting Sessions

Of course, not all workers were granted to work from home, which can be parents. Grab the opportunity of looking after their kids while at work!

Maybe your maternal instincts are on point and spending quality time with kids is the best idea, this is the perfect option for you. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to get into any full-time or part-time commitment to do it.

b. Try dog walking or being a pet sitter

Assuming you are not into babies and all their crying but are at their happiest with furry friends, you can do this! Become a pet sitter for those who are going on a vacation or traveling for work. While pet sitting, you could cuddle the animals, play with them, clean up, and talk them for a walk.

Websites like PetBuddies, Pawshake and PetBacker may be able to assist you on this.

The income normally ranges from S$10-S$45 per hour.

c. Try becoming a lettering specialist

For something fun but different, most students, especially the artsy ones, are likely to enjoy this. Help Singaporeans in creating a hand-written invite, a thank-you note, or even a restaurant menu through calligraphy or other lettering styles as you get paid.

It can be noted that a good place to start with would be the modern calligraphy workshop for beginners listed on

d. Be a tech or an app reviewer

Similar to becoming a freelance writer, this is ideal for those whose edge is making articles. However, this focuses on one particular field which is technology.

If you love technology and are knowledgeable of its branches, this would be a fun side gig for you! Enjoy writing for Tech In Asia while just being at the comfort of your home!

e. Food and Grocery Delivery

While these are all home jobs, if you’re still looking for an adventure, try food and grocery delivery! This works perfectly for those who would like flexible work hours, love to spend time outdoors.

All you have to do is join a delivery platform like foodpanda and it gives you an opportunity to earn up to S$22.20 per hour.

All you need to qualify is to be above 18 years and have a smartphone.


So, are you still struggling about how you’d be able to earn money these days? I hope now, you’re only struggling with which side gig to pick after finishing this list!

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