Fortune Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 31/2021) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

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LICENSE NO: 31/2021

Fortune Credit is among the top 10 licensed moneylenders in Singapore and the best moneylender in Bugis / Bras Basah.

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Financial difficulties happen anytime and you may never know when it will strike you. Even if you have emergency funds during this trying situation, it may not be enough to suffice you when such financial trouble hits you. 

But worry not, here at Fortune Credit – licensed money lender Singapore, registered in the Ministry of Law’s (view list of licensed moneylenders here), offer tailor-made loans just for you to help you solve your financial difficulties quickly and hassle free. 

As one of the established licensed money lenders in Singapore, we treat our clients as family and build relationships professionally to provide a warm, comfortable, and efficient borrowing experience. Feel free to borrow from us and browse our full suite of loan offerings.



Personal Loan Img


For personal needs. Whether for your home renovation, medical emergency, or that once-in-a-lifetime vacation.  A personal loan is your ultimate financial boost to your financial matters.


  • Low-interest rates from 1 to 4% only
  • Flexible payment terms for all loans
  • Unsecured loan – No collateral/pledging of assets needed
  • Discount will be applied to the interest rate for early payment
  • Borrow up to 6 times worth of monthly income
Business Loan Img


For business’ growth and expansion. We support your business’s investments, such as acquiring new space, buying more inventory, or just keeping your company afloat.


  • Easy approval (business only needs to be operational for 1 year) 
  • Flexible repayment tenures
  • Unsecured loan – No collateral/pledging of assets needed
  • Loan up to $200,000
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Personal loans specially catered to expatriates. Cost of living in Singapore is listed as the 14th most expensive location in the world for expatriates. Foreigner loans can help cover relocation expenses when moving into your new home or during financial emergencies.


  • Low-interest rates from 1 to 4% only and flexible payment terms
  • No credit score checking
  • Unsecured loan – No collateral/pledging of assets needed
  • Borrow up to six months’ worth of income
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For fast cash and emergencies.
Take a quick cash advance when you find yourself short on cash for your monthly rent, utility bills, medical emergencies, among others. Enjoy low-interest rates or the urgent cash that you need. 


  • Get money fast
  • Low-interest rates from 1 to 4% only
  • No credit score checking
  • Borrow up to one month’s worth of income

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Feel Free to Borrow Anytime!


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Yes, you may call us at 6777 1887 or apply online. However for loan disbursement, you are required to visit our physical office to sign the loan contract where included interest payment plan. This is part of the approval process practiced by money lender Singapore.
To further explain, you can loan any amount with secured loans. For unsecured loans, please refer to the table below:
Borrower’s annual income Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents Foreigners residing in Singapore
Less than $10,000 $3,000 $500
At least $10,000 and less than $20,000 $3,000
At least $20,000 6 times monthly income 6 times monthly income

The loan application process is swift and efficient. Please expect to receive your borrowed money within a few hours only, or upon the signing of the contract when you’re contacted to come in for the signing of the contract. 

Note that a licensed moneylender will ask to come to their physical office to receive the money and sign the loan contract. 

Loan application at Fortune Credit makes it easier online, send us your loan requirement online and we’re ready to assist you any time of the day!

To avoid loan scams, the first thing that you must check is to verify if the money lender in Singapore that you are looking for is a licensed moneylender registered with Singapore’s Ministry of Law

The Ministry of Law has very strict regulations regarding licensed moneylenders in Singapore, thus you can find the legal moneylenders official list in the registry of moneylenders supervised by the Ministry of Law. 

The next thing to do after checking the legibility of the moneylenders, you can compare the best loan offers according to your budget and repayment capability. Also, don’t forget to check the customer service reviews on Loan Advisor and Google Reviews to check the customer satisfaction reviews.

All licensed moneylenders in Singapore is only permitted to impose the following charges and expenses on personal loans or other types of loans:

  • A fee not exceeding $60 for each month of late repayment;
  • A fee not exceeding 10% of the principal of the loan when a loan is granted; and 
  • Legal costs ordered by the court for a successful claim by the moneylender for the recovery of the loan.

The total charges imposed by a licensed money lender on any loan, consisting of interest, late interest, upfront administrative, and late fee also cannot exceed an amount equivalent to the principal of the loan.

Meanwhile, the maximum interest rate that moneylenders can charge is 4% per month, regardless of the borrower’s income and whether the loan is an unsecured or secured one. 

If a borrower fails to repay the loan on time, the maximum rate of late interest a legal money lender can charge is 4% per month for each month the loan is repaid late.

The computation of interest charged on the loan must be based on the amount of principal remaining after deducting from the original principal the total payments made by or on behalf of the borrower which are appropriated to the principal. 

The late interest can only be charged on an amount that is repaid late. The legal money lender cannot charge on amounts that are outstanding but not yet due to be repaid.

Yes, you may pay your loan to the moneylenders before it’s fully due. You can inform Fortune Credit about your plans for the early settlement so that we can come to an agreement with you for any discounts to your loan.
Yes, you can take multiple loans. But even though you can apply for more than one loan, your application will still be subject to evaluation to make sure that you don’t over-borrow and suffer from financial troubles. Money lending Singapore undergoes a strict process to protect both the borrower and the moneylender.

Yes, you could apply for loans with different interest rates and borrowing limits. For example, banks in Singapore offer higher lending amounts but have stricter requirements. This means that it takes time before they will release your funds after approval because of their rigorous evaluation process.

On the other hand, licensed moneylenders such as Fortune Credit offers an easy application process, a lower interest rate of up to 4%, and upfront processing fees with no hidden charges!

Do you have a credit history that’s less than stellar? If so, fear not – Fortune Credit can help. We are a legal lending agency in Singapore that welcomes either good or bad credit borrowers. Additionally, it doesn’t affect the interest rate applied on these types of loan amounts – but there are some limitations in terms of borrowing higher amount levels than usual. We are ready to help you with your situation and answer any questions that arise. We’re always on call in case of an emergency, so don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s anything we can do for you!

Visit the Ministry of Law’s full list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore here to verify if the agency is registered or not. 

Fortune Credit’s license number is 31/2021 listed in this downloadable list. Fortune Credit Pte Ltd is among the top 10 legal moneylenders in Singapore and touted as the best moneylenders in Bugis as well as in Bras Basah. You can also check our customer service reviews for legitimacy, we can assure you that we only provide the best customer service tailored to each of our clients.

Licensed moneylenders are permitted to advertise only through these three channels:

  • business or consumer directories (in print or online media); 
  • websites belonging to the moneylender; and
  • advertisements placed within or on the exterior of the moneylender’s business premises. 

All other channels are prohibited. Thus, if you receive flyers, text messages(SMS), emails, or other forms of advertisements, please report the advertisements to the Registry at 1800-2255-529 or via the Ministry of Law’s website.

If you’re looking for the best loan rates in Singapore, it’s smart to shop around and compare different lenders. 

Banks’ secured loans can offer you a higher principal amount. However, collateral such as properties, real estate, bonds, collections, and other items or objects that have value are required to lower your personal loan’s effective interest rate.

Meanwhile, licensed lenders such as Fortune Credit can provide you a loan plan that best fits your objectives and repayment capability without collaterals required. 

Reviews are available on our Reviews page for those who wish for more information about Fortune Credit’s loans or application process before applying online; feel free to call us at any time if you have further questions!

Here are some common red flags to watch out for:

  • Asks for your SingPass user ID and/or password
  • Fails to return your NRIC card or any other personal identification documents
  • Asks you to sign a blank or incomplete loan contract
  • Fails to provide a clear and thorough explanation of the terms and conditions of the loan.
  • Grants you a loan without evaluating your loan eligibility.
  • Grants you a loan through phone, email, or SMS before receiving your loan application form and required documents
  • Withholds any part of your principal loan amount

You should never do business with these errant lenders! If you encounter one, report them to the Registry of Moneylenders. Provide information including their name and contact number for future reference if needed again.

With our loan plans, you can get access to the funds that will help you. We work with clients all over Singapore who need a helping hand in their financial struggles.

We make sure that we customize each plan appropriately – taking into account any special needs or restrictions for repayment periods- so it is right for you! Our competitive rates ensure low monthly payments while still getting out of debt fast.

Moreover, Fortune Credit offers a quick and easy application process that usually lets your money be in hand the same day. 

After requesting online or by calling our team from home, we schedule an appointment with one of our loan officers who will review the terms for your plan. This is all done on the spot so there’s no long waiting!

After you get the loan, it’s important to make sure that your lender is giving you everything they promised.

  • A provider can only deduct a 10% fee upfront for processing and approval of a loan- so stay on top of them!
  • Pay the loan installments on time to avoid incurring late payment fees, additional interest rate and late interest.
  • Make sure the lender issues you a receipt every time you make any repayment of the loan amount towards your personal loan, and check it for correctness (e.g. name, amount, date).
  • Make sure you receive a statement of account for all your personal loans at least once every January and July and check it for correctness (e.g. name, amount, date); and
  • You should retain all statements of accounts and receipts of payments as documentation and evidence of payments.



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